Jeans Diary Rainy Denim
November 1, 2018 Jeans Diary Team 0 Comments

Everyday is a fashion-show and the world is your runway, where owning an outfit of the day is of high-priority and hence making a choice is crucial. Having an #OOTD in monsoon is tricky, artful, strenuous and demanding and makes us feel dull, dim and gloomy. In order to keep going with the flow, you are compelled to cut loose smartly. Here are some ideas, approaches and designs that can keep the denim desire alive no matter what the season.


Denims suit the best in all circumstances and occasions but disappoint everyone during monsoon seasons. They become too clingy, heavy and spotty with moisture and stains, moreover, are stubborn enough to dry off. Your uncontrollable and irresistible desire of flaunting your denim and your features shouldn’t have to wait for the monsoon to pass. Alternatively, strategising and hand-picking from Made to Order & Tailored Jeans can serve to the best of your purpose. Deploy either of these to have denim days even during rains.

Revamp, restyle and redesign your wardrobe by switching and substituting skinny fit jeans with slim fit tailor made jeans  Skinny fit custom jeans can get too clingy when wet and can cause irritation, displeasure and discomfort as the moisture in the jeans can obstruct the skin from breathing, giving rise to severe concerns. Lycra fabric may have an upperhand during monsoon as it is fabricated from a light-weight denim, allowing it to dry out soon.They are loved for not only their elasticity but also for being wrinkle-free, denims on the other hand are sturdy, durable and rugged to be desired for.


Additionally, darker shades like blues and blacks solve most of your problems as the stains, marks or spots of mud tend to blend or get camouflaged with these shades. Lighter shades make them prominent and look dirty, muddy, and stained. Handling the former ones is simpler as they don’t claim much alertness, concern and heed. One tends to worry less with easily manageable darker shades seeing that they are not transparent.


It is also a wonderful chance to put on those shorts and stroll or wander around without worries discussed above. What else can make monsoons hassle-free, relaxed and effortless than this? For some whom this option doesn’t stand a chance, Tailored Jeans offers capris to address your needs and requirements and with these life hacks, desire to put on denims will never die out and you can walk-out on the runway, each day confidently, positively and perkily. Join hands with denims in this pours, showers and sprinkles and revel in the denim desire during rains.

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